One thing I am thankful for today is our church.  When I lived in Birmingham, I attended a church (Dawson Memorial Baptist) that was the perfect fit for me.  It was where I met most of the people who had the most significant impact on that part of my life.  They provided amazing support, encouragement, wisdom, and fellowship.

Mase and I prayed that we would find our “Richmond Dawson” after we got married and moved to the other side of the river.  Somewhere that had ministries that we could plug into, be fed by, and contribute to.  Somewhere with a strong music program.  Somewhere with people our inspired our faith.

We couldn’t ask for a better fit than Second Baptist.  We knew after attending worship a few times that it was at the top of the list.  After our first week attending our Sunday School class we knew we had found our church home.  Over three years later, we know we are in the right place.

I am so thankful to have a wonderful church home and church family.  I am thankful to have other couples who provide such wonderful models of Godly marriages and will be part of our journey as we figure out parenting.  I am thankful that Bradley will grow up around such great influences that will share Christ’s love with him.