Mase and I have been super busy recently and operating in survival mode.  He has been traveling a lot and working long hours.  I have been working long hours and feeling extra yucky. Needless to say, not much has been happening in the nursery or with other fun house projects.  The lack of progress around here is a bummer on a lot of levels: 1) I don’t have anything fun to share; 2) Bradley’s arrival gets closer every day and the room still isn’t done; 3) Mason & I really enjoy doing projects together. It recharges us and is great quality time together (which I hear gets a little more difficult when you add a little one in the mix).  During this hectic season, it is too easy to wish away our days looking forward to all amazing things that are right around the corner (sleep and downtime at Thanksgiving, the wonderment of the Christmas season & 2-weeks off work, and I hear there are some exciting things in January too).  So this week I’ve decided to take a few moments each day to share a few things that I am thankful for in my life right now.  May we all stop and be grateful to the One and the ones that bring meaning and joy to our lives.

Some things I am thankful for (in no particular order):

  1. Generous friends & family – Today I had my baby shower that my sister-in-law and her mom threw for me.  I was so honored that they wanted to do this for me especially with all they have going on.  Additionally, I was touched by the friends and family that gave up their Saturday afternoon to come:  some of Mason’s family drove from Tidewater, girls with young kids gave up much coveted weekend family time, other friends did a shower marathon with another friends shower in the morning and mine in the afternoon, others stepped out of their comfort-zone and came even though they didn’t know anyone else there.  It was a day filled with fellowship with amazing women who literally showered me with thoughtful gifts; some handmade, some purchased…all to be cherished.
  2. A loving and supportive husband – Mason is amazing.  He is such a good man and so good to me.  I have really missed him these past few weeks as our schedules have prevented us from spending much time together.  I think we have communicated more over email than in person.  Regardless, he has been so caring and supportive in the last weeks as I have started what I can only assume is the downward slide of third trimester into sickness, fatigue, and overall feeling crappy.  As I type, the sweet man is downstairs making me a snack (grits with peaches on top). ❤
  3. Delicious gluten-free cake – On a more frivolous note, gluten-free chocolate cake=yes, please.  Mom was adamant about having a cake at the shower that I could eat so she contacted a local baker who specializes in gluten-free baking.  Not only was the cake Marcie & Bradley kosher, it was also delicious and adorable.  I think I ate three pieces….at least two.  Hey, don’t judge, Bradley needed one too 😛