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The rocker/recliner came this weekend.  OMG.  It is amazing.  Right now it is staying in the family room so I can enjoy it every night (and boy is it enjoyable).  When it get closer to baby time, we Mason will move it to the nursery.

This weekend I also started progress on the ottoman for the rocker recliner here.  If you remember here, I gave a teaser that I was going to make an ottoman out of a steel drink tub.  More gypsy decorating, as my brother would say.  But give it a chance….

This weekend I got the top upholstered.  Soon I will get the inside of the base painted and some stripes on the outside.

Materials – Drink tub, plywood cut fit the top, 3 inch foam, fabric, staple gun, covered buttons, upholstery or doll needle, string/upholstery thread, drill

1. Cut the plywood to fit the top of the tub. (Thanks, Dad!)

2. Drill holes in the plywood in the pattern that the covered buttons will eventually be in.

3. Cut the foam to be the same shape as the plywood (I ended up using a serrated knife for this.  Not pretty, but got the job done).  I also found it helpful to cut a slit where the buttons were going to go (lining them up with the holes in the plywood).
4. Drape an excess of fabric over the foam/plywood base. You want to make sure you have extra since the tufting takes some fabric and you need to staple it to the underside.  I was using a light cotton (quilting weight) as my top fabric so I added some left over upholstery fabric underneath to make it more sturdy/durable.
5. Starting with the center button, thread the button all the way through the fabric, foam, and wood.  I would suggest doubling the thread/string to keep it from popping.

6. Tie the string off on the bottom side.  I used some scrap buttons to keep the knot from pulling back through.

7. Work outwards tufting the rest of your buttons.
8.  Once all the buttons are done, staple and trim the excess fabric on the underside.

9. If desired, use extra fabric to cover the raw edges/underside.

Voila!  Ottoman/stool/side table/storage.  And sassy to boot!