I can’t believe it is already mid-October.  The weather is finally starting to change and bring all the things with it that makes this my favorite time of year (apple cider, the crisp air, the first sweaters of the year, the bright colors).  It also means life is about to get really busy.

Disclaimer: we’re lame.  Because of my workload, we only schedule one “thing” a weekend.  I spend most of the rest of the weekend catching up on things around the house and catching up on work (grading papers, planning, etc).  This year especially, I have needed the downtime to recover and try to dig out from all the work that has piled up from the week (since I can’t stay awake to get anything done at night).  I’ve gotten spoiled in the past month of having a lot of weekends with an “open” schedule where I get some down time and (my favorite) time to relax with Mason – which is far too sparse these days!

From now until Thanksgiving I have too many somethings every weekend from being in charge of the Homecoming dance at school this coming weekend to our 6-hour childbirth classes to fun things (like my shower that my amazing sister-in-law is throwing me). 

Nonetheless, the next time I have a weekend to relax will be Thanksgiving and by then I will really be in the home stretch.  So exciting to think about.  So exhausting to think about.  So much left to be done before B comes, but excitedly anticipating his arrival as well.