Today we put out the Halloween decorations.  I love to decorate for holidays.  I have small wall in the kitchen that I keep seasonal flair on.  I change it out each month or so.  I like to keep it sassy but classy.  Today, out came the Halloween wreath.


Orange, Purple, and Lime Halloween Lights

Outside got a little spunk too.  Mason put out Halloween lights in the tree on the corner of our lot.  I am adamantly (almost religiously) against colored Christmas lights (particularly outside).  Mason knows this is something that I will never, ever budge on (the outside at least), so he really looks forward to being able to put the “Halloween lights” out each year.  It’s our compromise 🙂


I also changed out the flag.  I have a bit of obsession with seasonal flags.  They add a little sass to our black and white house.  I have grand plans of starting to make my own too (just like Mom used to), but I have haven’t had the time, yet.

 Next year I will have a little human I get to decorate, too!  Woot!

[In other news, B is scheduled to make is appearance three months from today!]