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Check out that sassy crib skirt!  It is made from Robert Kaufman Metro Living “Tile” in orange.  I ordered 3 yards, probably could have done it in 1.5 or 2, but I always like to order extra for my screwups.  Regardless, we’re looking at $20 or less.  Love it.

As B gets bigger, the crib mattress will move down so the skirt will have to shorten.  Instead of making something I would have to rip and resew or hem, I decided to work smart and staple the skirt directly to the board that supports the mattress.  When the board moves down, I just have to restaple.  Genius, I know.

I also took another short-cut.  Since the bottom edge (nor the top edge for that matter) will never be seen, I used the salvage edge as the bottom and did not hem it.  I did finish the seems on the sides incase they are seen.

I decided to put a box pleat in the middle and leave everything else straight.  It’s a boy.  No frills allowed.

  1. Cut the fabric. Measure the necessary length, adding a few inches to staple to the top.  For the width, measure the length of the crib and add the pleat.  If you want the pattern to match (and you should) you will need to use a multiple of the pattern repeat.  Also, allow for the side hem.
  2. Hem the sides and press the fabric.
  3. Staple the middle and each end.
  4. Fold the excess fabric in the middle underneath on each side to create the pleat.
  5. Finish stapling a few extra places across the width.
  6. For the sides, repeat the above steps with no pleat.  Easy peasy.