So we originally ordered our crib at the beginning of July.  Since it takes 12+ weeks to order furniture from a baby furniture store and I am Type A+, we planned accordingly.  Unfortunately we didn’t factor in the 20-year established store taking our money, going out of business, not placing our order, and never giving us any further information.  Simple rookie oversight on our part clearly (ugh – more venting about that here).  After weeks of trying to track down information, we have thrown in the towel.  Today we ordered a different crib from a different store. I didn’t want to deal with a special order store again and risk the long wait time and corresponding stress.  I’m starting to get antsy to get everything into the nursery (not finished, just here).  So we went with Babies R’ Us.  Simple.  To the point.  Done.

It’s not as chic, but hey, it is supposed to be here in the next two weeks and maybe we will actually get it this time.  Sometimes you have to compromise getting exactly what you want for what is best in the big picture.  Right now, the less stress the better.

So here they are-

I think B will sleep just as well in the less chic new crib and Mom (that’s me) will be much happier not worrying about where he is going to rest his sweet little head.