So life these days comes with a limited wardrobe.  I refuse to buy (for now, at least) frumpy maternity clothes.  Just because I’m pregnant doesn’t mean I have to look dumpy.  I have too much of my Grandmother Opal in me for that!

Thanks to my cousin, Wynn, for sending me some of her maternity clothes she is done with, my mom for going to the outlets with me, and my mother-in-law for a gift card to splurge at the maternity boutique in town, I am starting to get a decent selection in my closet.  It’s not like my regular wardrobe, but I have what I need or at least what I need for now.

The key to mixing it up is good accessories.  When I started teaching I really started hording the bangles and dangles to spice-up my otherwise boring work clothes.  It keeps me sassy & fresh (or “dressed smart” as Opal would say) and we all know that you feel better when you look good.  The bangles have continued to serve me well now that I have started utilizing the versatility of my handful of basic wardrobe pieces.

One downfall of all the bangles is storing them so that you can find what you are looking for.  After a few years of a very frustrated husband who was tired of the dresser being covered with jewelry, I came up with this solution when we redid the closet last year.

The necklaces are hung from a tie rack that is fixed to the wall.  It used to be on the back of the closet door, but they would all clank every time the door opened (Mason’s complaint) and got damaged (my complaint).  Stationary=better.

No, sadly this is not all of them....only the ones lucky enough to get put away at the time of the picture.

The real genius comes in with the earrings.  I created this gem from: $2 picture frame, plastic craft mesh, staples.

The mesh is stapled to the back of the frame.  I then screwed the whole thing to the wall.  Simple enough.  Dangles, Welcome Home.

PS  I realize that this staple to my wardrobe will have to take a hiatus for a while when B decides that he likes to grab and pull on things.  At least I will have the rest of my wardrobe back by then (I hope…sigh….).