I have a new obsession and I just can’t stop myself.  I can’t stop myself from buying clothes for B.  I haven’t been out in the commercial world in the last two and a half weeks to do any damage and we only found out that B was a boy 4 weeks ago.  So here is the haul from a week and a half.

Here is the kicker though…I’m really particular (not that it should come as a surprise to anyone).  I am anti words, cartoons, animals, etc. on clothing.  I find a lot of them to be tacky and the rest are just not my taste.  At least for this part of his life, I get to dress him to my taste. 🙂
Take a walk through the boys’ section next time you are in Target, etc.  It is everything that I don’t like, but I haven’t let that stop me.  I more use it as my excuse to buy anything I run across that is reasonably priced and fits my criteria 🙂

Here are some of my favorites:

The one in the middle is long sleeve and pants and has a cute hood.  And check out the grey one; it is a waffle knit.  My little man is going to be so cute (without being cutesy). ❤

I did make some compromises with Mason.  He’s a sucker for anything with footies that are animals.  Here is my compromise on something that isn’t too cutesy.  It has dogs on the feet and a matching shirt & onesie.  I do admit.  It’s cute.

I also compromised with the Very Hunger Caterpillar.  It’s different and bright & cheery.

And now, for my favorite.  We actually keep this one hung up on one of the coat hooks in our family room.

Is that not amazing?!?  B is going to be ready to go to the office with Daddy!  So sassy it makes me happy 🙂

People have had worse obsessions.  And how can something that is so cute be bad?