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Since I have been back to work, I have been kept quite busy and any of my spare time has been spent sleeping. 

We have actually made negative progress on the nursery in the last few weeks.  The company we ordered the furniture though went out of business at the end of August and while we received a refund for our recliner order, we have yet to hear anything about our crib.  We have made inquiries with the bank, lawyers, etc., but no one has any information.  We’re waiting another week to hear something and then we are going to bite the bullet and buy another crib.  Extra unfortunate, cribs are apparently carved from trees by elves because it takes on average 12-14 weeks to get a crib (which would be why we ordered ours in early July).  B is supposed make his appearance in 17 weeks.  Hopefully he will have somewhere to lay his sweet little head.

To whet your appetite, I have taken pictures of some of the “to do”s waiting to be accomplished.

Here are the fabrics which have arrived!

From left to right: The light blue with polka dots will be used to upholster the top of the ottoman for the rocker/recliner; the blue and green stripe will be the changing pad cover; the green is on the dresser (seen here); the orange will be a crib skirt (once there is a crib to be skirted).

The changing-table-in-waiting:

This closed-door chest was rescued from my grandmother’s retirement home’s “Treasure Chest” for $30 about 5 years ago.  It needed to be refinished so when Mase & I got married and moved into the apartment, I painted it blue to add some color to the otherwise institution white/beige apartment.  It has resided in our dining room here at the house holding all the extra place settings and other things with no place.
The plan is to make some new doors for it and frame out the top to hold the changing pad cover and other diaper-ish things.  It has copious storage below for all those baby things I hear we need.  We are also going to paint it a softer, grayer blue as seen to the right.

OK, use your imagination, this is going to be the ottoman:

End of summer clearance brought me this gem for $10.  The inside will go from pink-ish puke to orange.  The top will get a piece of plywood, 2 inch foam, and upholstered and tufted.  Maybe some casters on the bottom if I need more height.  It’s going to be a great ottoman/stool/side table/book storage piece for the rocker/recliner.  You just wait!

So that’s what is in queue once I have the time and energy.  Hopefully I will find those things before B comes in less than 4 months(!).