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Finally!  An update!  Between no power, going back to work, and trying to find the camera (which was hidden with the cleaning supplies????) this has been much delayed!

For B’s room, we are using an old dresser that was my mom’s back when she was single, then in my brother room growing up, then off to college with brother, then to graduate school with me, then to brother’s house, then to our house in my sewing room.  It has had an eventful life and has been a different color every step along the way.

Here is how it looked when it lived in my sewing room:

We sanded her down and added a couple of coats of fresh white paint.

Then I covered the drawers in a happy green fabric.  It is from the Robert Kauffman “Metro Living” collection.

To cover the drawers:

  1. Remove old finish (in my case it was other fabric).
  2. If needed, paint the drawer front white or other color that will not show through to the fabric.
  3. Cut the fabric to the size of the drawer plus about 1″ on each side.
  4. Apply a thin coat of white glue mixed with water to the entirety of the drawer front.
  5. Place the fabric on the drawer front smoothing out any wrinkles.
  6. Using a staple gun, fasten the fabric on the underside of the drawer (much like upholstering).

Now, for a total cost of about $10…isn’t this thing sassy?