Tomorrow is freshman orientation and the start for new teachers.  I officially head back to work next Monday with kids starting the week after that.  School is definitely swing back into focus for our house.  For the past few weeks I have been busy rewriting my curriculum to including modeling physics (which is amazing and the direction education needs to go…but I’ll save my soapbox).  One essential part of modeling is the whiteboard for each table to graph/model things.  Thanks to a suggestion from other physics teachers I have 24 24″ x 32″ whiteboards for approx $2 each.  So excited!  So much amazing learning to happen!

But, being me, I could not help but start thinking of all the ways to utilize these around the house.  Here is a list of a few:

  1. By adding electrical tape to make a grid, it could serve as the family calendar with everyone’s stuff color coded with different markers
  2. An electrical tape grid could also lay the groundwork for an awesome chore calendar for the kids
  3. With a couple of nails/hooks in the wall and holes in the board, it could be mounted to the wall such that it is easily removable.  Instead of “art time” being a papers (to eventual clutter the fridge) drawing could be done on the board and hung up.  When it is time for a new masterpiece, take down wipe clean and start again.
  4. An easily cleanable surface to go between the tabletop and those messier crafts
  5. Mounted next to the fridge, it can help keep track of what meals are in the freezer so they don’t go forgotten until unrecognizable (guilty).
  6. And so many more!

The boards are made from plain white tileboard from Lowe’s.  It’s about $12 for a 4′ x 8′ sheet.  If you wanted to go really crazy you could put the whole thing up in the playroom for a giant write-on-able wall!