Oh What a Beautiful Morning!  Instead of a bright golden haze on the meadow, there is a death yellow-hue to the yard.  This could only mean one thing…Phase 1 of the Lawn Renovation is underway: the kill.

Ever since we moved in, we have struggled with our lawn of weeds, moss, and non-grass.  We have tried to turn a blind eye knowing we can’t do everything at once and just invite people over after dark so they can’t see it.  It’s time for a lawn, though.  So this fall we will attempt a lawn renovation including adding irrigation.  It’s the final step to our major yard projects and hoping going to be thick and lush by the time baby is frockling barefoot.

Here’s a glimpse back to last August/September when we were taking on other major yard projects: new driveway and tree removal.

Before [photos from Google Maps]:

From the Corner

Side yard

We used to only have a little parking pad in the back corner of the lot and would have to tramp across the yard into the back door.

CrossCreek Nursery installed the driveway, pavers, and surrounding landscape.  The drive now comes along the side of the house with pavers and the beginning and end, a new walkway around to the front of the house, and replacement front walkway in matching pavers.

Replaced Front Walk
New walkway into top of driveway
New Drive

We then had a handful of trees removed around the house.  We also took the opportunity to pull up the large planting beds that were around the trees and shrink them to a simple ring around the two remaining trees.

Here’s the house today with removed trees, driveway, and bright new paint job.

Soon we won’t be the ugly yard on the corner and it will be wonderful!