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Yesterday I posted some of what is planned if we are having a boy.  Today, is the preview for Baby Girl O (Yup, that’s right O….it’s a stumper!).

I want a pretty room for our a little girl with no pink to be found.  Like her mom, she is bound to have a little sass.  So against soft aqua walls and yellow accents will be pops of turquoise.  Sassy!  And like both of her parents, we anticipate she will be a little songbird.  Thus, her room will have a few songbirds here and there.

Some highlights are:

Wall Decal of some sort

pinwheel mobile
DIY pinwheel mobile (idea from Anything Pretty)

Pillow from Land of Nod

Since I will be making the bedding, curtains, etc., I spent a long time finding just the right fabrics.  I ended up finding everything I wanted at fabric.com.  Here are the winners:

Shoutout to Erin from http://vtobvi.wordpress.com/ for inspiring me to use yellow ❤